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Fredrik Vahle has been a guest at the DAI many times with his children’s songs. Whole generations have grown up with his song heroes Anne Kaffekanne, the rabbit Augustin or the cowboy Jim from Texas. But to look at the life and experiences of Fredrik Vahle is a journey in itself.

Influenced by the spirit of optimism of the late sixties, the habilitated linguist not only wanted to entertain, but also always had a message: his songs are about togetherness, about self-awareness and care, about the courage for freedom, also about listening and silence.
The poet, who is always reinventing himself, has not written a biography – but he does look back on his eventful life in many “trips down memory lane”. They are strolling, ironic and funny stories about what has become important to Fredrik Vahle. The result is the book of a free man with the joy of experimentation of a child. A book full of wisdom and encouragement!

Fredrik Vahle was born in Stendal (Altmark) in 1942, learned to play the piano a little from his grandfather, was not musically gifted, but was always enthusiastic about singing and music. Both parents were artists and moved from the former GDR to the Federal Republic in 1956. After graduating from high school, he studied German and politics. Afterwards he devoted himself increasingly to children’s songs and published numerous books and children’s song CDs. He also works, with a doctorate in sociolinguistics and habilitation on children’s language and children’s song as a lecturer at the University of Giessen.

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