Vierfleck oder Das Glück

  • Katharina Geiser

An increasingly even balance of power makes things somewhat difficult: the homosexual painter Eugen Esslinger marries Mila, whom he hardly knows. Mila gives birth to three children. It is not Eugen, however, but the Indologist from Heidelberg, Heinrich Zimmer, who is the father. Zimmer marries Christiane von Hofmannsthal, daughter of the novelist, yet he continues his relationship with Mila. Eugen plays a somewhat marginal role in the lives of these various people but Katharina Geiser brings him to the forefront; she depicts him as an individual who has a great deal of love for others but who has never learnt how to express it. The novel takes its reader through the shadowy era of the first half of the twentieth century, interweaving a number of details, peoples and events.

Katharina Geiser, born in 1956, lives in Zürichsee and in Schleswig-Holstein. She studies German, English and Pedagogy. Today she writes and teaches German in a multicultural Kindergarten. Buy

Language: German

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