Tilman Röhrig

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  • Friedrich Engels - between entrepreneurial spirit and utopia
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London in the 19th century: The social question is pushing into politics. The factory owner and scholar Friedrich Engels supports the free spirit and communist Karl Marx and is friends with him. Without his intervention there would be neither the Communist Manifesto nor Capital.
What makes the young entrepreneur Engels deal with the misery of the working class? Is it the love for the Irish woman Mary Burns or an alert mind with a sense for his fellow men? Or both? Does the utopian “StartUp” succeed?

On the occasion of Friedrich Engels’ 200th birthday, Tilman Röhrig presents a novel biography that combines the personal with the political and brings the historical Friedrich Engels to life. The actor and writer lives and works in Cologne.

In cooperation with DGB Heidelberg Rhein-Neckar and GEW Rhein-Neckar-Heidelberg

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Unfortunately, the event has to be cancelled.

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