Think & Drink

  • Learning to think the disaster
  • Max von Sponeck
  • In dialogue, Social Activity

In this new series, a topic that is of particular concern to our society at the moment will be examined in a relaxed atmosphere. We will discuss a current text and look to philosophy for inspiration and perhaps even answers.

At our first meeting we will take the sociologist Andreas Reckwitz and his text Crises and Catastrophes: The End is Pretty Close, which was published in DIE ZEIT on March 26, 2023. It is about the theory of non-linearity and the question of how we can be better prepared for the increasing crises in the future.

Dr. Max von Sponeck is a lecturer at the Philosophy Department at the University of Heidelberg and at the PH, as well as a lecturer in ethics at the SRH. His scientific specialty is the contemporary philosophy of mind.

Duration: approx. 2 hours
Registration: Ingrid Stolz,

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