The OB candidates as guests at the DAI

  • Panel discussion
  • Culture and (youth) education

At the invitation of the Stadtjugendring Heidelberg e.V. and the DAI Heidelberg, all candidates for the election as mayor will be discussing this evening at the DAI. The panel discussion will focus on the topics of culture and (youth) education.

The cultural institutions and offerings in Heidelberg are characterized by their artistic quality and diversity. How should Heidelberg’s culture be developed further? Youth education builds on the strengths of young people and supports their development into independent and socially responsible individuals. How does the municipality intend to further this strengthening?

All interested parties can submit their own questions to the candidates immediately before the event begins at the DAI.

Welcome and moderation:
Jakob J. Köllhofer, Program Director DAI

Steffen Wörner, Managing Director Stadtjugendring Heidelberg e. V.

Admission: from 6:30 p.m.

Admission free

Admission is free.