The Lost Films of Laurel & Hardy

  • 22nd International Festival for Silent Film and Live Music
  • Musical accompaniment: Martina and the Bowlers
  • Concert, Festival, Film

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, also known as Dick and Doof, repeatedly get into hair-raising situations without any malicious intent. The films sparkle with timeless wit and charm.

Angora Love
Director: Lewis R. Forster, USA 1929, 21 min
In Laurel and Hardy’s last silent film, a supposedly stolen goat runs up to them – and never leaves their side.

The unfinished prefab house
Director: Clyde Bruckman, USA 1928, 20 min
Laurel and Hardy are commissioned to build a prefabricated house – which can only end in chaos.

The thing with the pants
Director: Leo McCarey, USA 1929, 20 min
Having just escaped from prison, Laurel and Hardy swap their convict suits for civilian clothes – but get their pants mixed up.

Musical accompaniment: Martina and the Bowlers – Martina Heinstein (piano, accordion and flute), Jonathan Heinstein (drums), Paula Jähnisch (piano), Gregor Preuß (cello and piano)

Foto: Fernsehjuwelen GmbH

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