The little rascals

  • 22nd International Festival for Silent Film and Live Music
  • Musical accompaniment: Lily & Co

Director: Hal Roach
USA 1922-1928, 60 min

In the 1920s, film pioneer Hal Roach created the successful series The Little Rascals. The idea came to him when he saw children playing in the street and thought that the everyday adventures of the offspring could be a funny basis for his films.

The rambunctious and above all funny gang of rascals quickly conquered cinema screens and television screens and became real stars worldwide. In their adventures, they turn a school upside down, put on pet shows with their dog and get into all kinds of wild turmoil.

Musical accompaniment: Lily & Co – Lily Vardigans (drums), Sophie Vardigans (violin), Amy Vardigans (violin), Julia Vardigans (piano)

Foto: Fernsehjuwelen GmbH

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