Susanne Schröter – Political Islam

  • Stress test for Germany?
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The majority of Germans believe that Islam does not belong to Germany. They associate the second largest world religion above all with terror in the name of a merciless God, the oppression of women and minorities, and a rejection of Western values.

There are understandable reasons for these associations, which result from the strengthening of political Islam. Through the power-conscious and strategically skilful actions of its functionaries, political Islam exerts great social influence and increasingly dominates state policy on Islam and public dialogue. What is meant by political Islam and how do we learn to deal with its consequences?

Susanne Schröter is Professor of Ethnology at the University of Frankfurt and Director of the Frankfurt Research Center for Global Islam (FFGI).

In cooperation with the Secular Humanisten gbs Rhein Neckar e. V.

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