Moved: Stefanie Babst

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The West was unable to prevent Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which violated international law. The consequences of the war will shake Europe and the world for years to come. Not only Russia, but also its close partner China poses enormous strategic challenges for NATO. NATO expert Stefanie Babst provides insights into the inner workings of the alliance. Her gripping analysis not only shows how we are being steered into disaster with our eyes wide open, but also opens our eyes to a necessary change of course: the West must finally develop a clear stance of its own – and summon up the courage to confront Russia and its supporters with unity and strength.

Dr. Stefanie Babst worked for 22 years in leadership positions in NATO, including as Deputy Assistant Secretary General. At that time, she was considered the highest-ranking German in the NATO General Secretariat. Most recently, she was responsible for global communications and crisis foresight. Since 2020, she has been a strategic advisor and supports the European Leadership Network in London.

The event will take place as part of the conference World in Transition.


Please note: Fortunately, we have found more great speakers who will shed light on the topic "World in Transition" from different perspectives. Therefore, instead of the two individual events with Stefanie Babst and Catherine Belton, there will now be a full-day conference with these and additional guests on Saturday, 07 October 2023 starting at 10 am.