Shaolin – You don’t have to fight to win

  • With the power of thinking to calmness, clarity and inner strength
  • Bernhard Moestl
  • Workshop

Staying calm in an argument, representing your own position convincingly, being resolute in the face of demands and making decisions in complete harmony with yourself – all good prerequisites for a self-determined way of life in which you don’t have to fight all the time.

In this workshop, Bernhard Moestl uses many real-life examples to show you how you can use the 12 life principles of the Shaolin monks to direct and focus your thoughts in such a way that you successfully direct your energy towards your goal at the right moment. Because the secret of the unbeatable Shaolin techniques lies in the power of thought and not in physical strength.

Bernhard Moestl spent formative years in Asia, where he gained deep insights into the way of thinking of the legendary martial monks of Shaolin. It is his concern to make the centuries-old principles of noncombatant victory usable for everyday life in the West. Today, as an author and mentor, Moestl regularly accompanies people on their path to change. Born in Vienna in 1970, he has been living his dream of a free, non-conformist life for over 30 years.

In the context of the conference Meaning of Life – Times of Crisis

Duration: about 3 hours

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