Sasha Filipenko

  • Red Crosses
  • Literature

1941. Russia is at war with Nazi Germany, but inside the country the Stalinist purges are raging. Tatyana is a secretary in the Foreign Ministry, her husband is at the front. She discovers his name by chance on a Red Cross list. A double shock: relief – he is alive! And horror: Prisoners of war and their families are sent to the gulag. She makes a difficult decision that has long affected her. But she has retained her grim humour and fighting spirit and resists forgetting until her last breath.

Sasha Filipenko, born 1984, is a Belarusian writer who writes in Russian. He broke off a classical music education, studied literature and worked as a journalist, gag writer for a satirical show and TV presenter. Rote Kreuze is his first novel to be published in German. He is also a passionate football fan.

languages: German/Russian