• Silent Film & Live Music

Director: Ron Fricke, USA 2011, 125 minutes, documentary.

Musical accompaniment: Jutta Glaser, Friedwart Goebels, Jochen Sattler.

Samsara (Sanskrit for “the repeating cycle of birth, life and death”) describes the unstoppable, forever-turning cycle of life, the endless cycle of birth and death.

The film takes viewers on a journey through the dreamy landscapes inhabited by Buddhist monks and Balinese dancers. We take a look behind prison walls and gain insight into holy sites. Birth and death, tradition and modernity, faith and hope, conflict and forgiveness – the camera sheds light on the contradictions and tensions which characterise our modern existence.

An unforgettable journey through the world and the soul of the individual.

This is the second showing of this film which has been organised due to popular demand. We were unfortunately unable to provide enough seating for all those wishing to see the film when it was first shown during the film festival in January.

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