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  • "You don't have a plan, so we're gonna make one!"
  • 10 conditions for saving our future
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The allegedly apolitical generation of today’s 14 to 25 year olds is rising up and making concrete demands on politicians to ensure that a sustainable life and a new generational contract succeeds. A vision for all? A task for politics?

Sarah Hadj Ammar, biomedical student, Plant-for-the-Planet, Global Board (Youth World Board), Würzburg
Daniel Al-Kayal, political science student, SPD, Heidelberg
Dr. Lukas Köhler, doctor of philosophy, member of the German Bundestag in Munich
Nikolas Löbel, Member of the Bundestag and City Council in Mannheim, M. Sc. Economics/BWL

Moderation: Sören Sgries, RNZ political editor

Supported by the Heidelberg Partnership for Democracy, funded by the program ” Living Democracy! ” of the Federal Ministry for Families, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth