Rhythm is it!

  • The Interval Week: New Paradigms of the Working World
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The event will take place exclusively online in the free YouTube livestream. Questions and discussion contributions can be submitted in the live chat of the event or gladly in advance via email to info@dai-heidelberg.de.
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The revolutionary events in 2020 have promoted changes in the world of work with enormous thrust: Demands for more flexibility and more individualization, new work models and general upheavals in the communication and organization of work are on everyone’s lips, and employees’ working and living worlds are increasingly intertwined.

The question of when we work brings into play here the consideration of our chronobiology, that is, our inner rhythm that quietly structures our lives. We don’t work too much – we work wrong, the authors argue: In harmony with biological intervals, energies are released, but those who have to work against their rhythm suffer from this opposition, ultimately work against themselves, and in the worst case become ill.

A debate about creative possibilities and limits of our working world in completely new times and in the face of new challenges.

Silvia Sperling
, business journalist, author and Acquisition Editor for topics related to personal development, life balance and healthy living.
Lothar Seiwert, Europe’s leading and best-known expert on the new time and life management, expert on the topics of time management, Life-Leadership® and work-life balance
Cawa Younosi, Head of Human Resources and member of the Executive Board of SAP Germany. Under the motto “#SAPDoch!” he sets new trends in human resources management, always with the motto: people at the center.

Alexander Hagelüken, senior editor for economic policy at Süddeutsche Zeitung and former European correspondent in Brussels.


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