Ralph Dutli

  • The Lovers of Mantua
  • Literature

They lay in each others arms for 6000 years. In 2007, the skeletons of two young people, thought to have been preserved since the Neolithic period, were discovered close to the Italian town of Mantua. The pair have since been nicknamed, “the Romeo and Juliet of the Stoneage.”

In Dutlis’ novel the couple disappear from an archeological laboratory. The author Manu sets out to find them. But he too soon disappears. Led astray by a somewhat dubious count, Manu is to help establish a new religion of love.

The Lovers of Mantua (Die Liebenden von Mantua) is a novel about a new ideal of love, religion and renaissance, and about the incredible power of writing.

Ralph Dutli, born in 1954, works as a freelance author, lyricist and translator in Heidelberg. Amongst other works, he has published the “Ossip-Mandelstam-Gesamtausgabe” and has received numerous prizes and awards.

Language: German

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