Quo vadis, literature?

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The Heidelberg Literary Autumn is under the motto: “Experience reading!” But: does it still exist, the “hunger for books” that Thomas Mann once predicted for the “future of literature”? A declining book market, the fast pace of our digitalised world with its changed communication culture, and increasingly literature is taking place beyond the book – online and multimedia: what do these changes mean for authors, publishers, literature houses and festivals, indeed for an entire city of literature?

Talk about it:
Dr. Andreas Barth, Universitätsverlag Winter
Bella Bender, author
Phillip Koban, Cultural Office Heidelberg, Coordination Team UNESCO City of Literature Heidelberg
Jutta Wagner, LiZ Literary Centre, DAI Heidelberg
Regina Wehrle, Mattes Verlag, Literaturherbst Heidelberg

Moderation: Jörg Tröger, SWR editor for culture and science

Organizer: Literaturnetz Heidelberg e.V.

In the context of the 6th Heidelberg Literary Autumn

Admission begins at 7 p.m. Please note that only a very limited number of seats is available. The event will be held in parallel here as free YouTube livestream transferred.


Please understand that due to the current distance rules we can only offer a limited number of seats, which may be filled very quickly. Admission begins at 7 pm. The event will be broadcast in parallel in the free YouTube livestream.

Admission is free.