Psycho Talks

  • The Radical Thought World of Esotericism
  • Katharina Nocun & Karolin Salmen
  • In dialogue

Esoteric explanatory patterns give many people support and orientation, especially in times of crisis. The market for promises of salvation and horoscopes is booming. Pseudoscientific interpretations influence social media and debates. Are these individual orientations to meaning harmless or dangerous when belief in invisible powers and forces shapes experience and behavior? What psychological needs are being met? What psychological patterns take hold?

Katharina Nocun, political scientist and economist, co-author of Dangerous Belief: The Radical Thought World of Esotericism (2022).
Karolin Salmen, Social Psychology, University of Heidelberg

Moderation: Andreas Friedrich Lutz

In cooperation with the Psychology Department of the Psychology Institute of Heidelberg University

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