Psycho Talks

  • In the psyche, out of the climate crisis?
  • In dialogue

Psychology, as a science of experience and behavior, has a special potential when it comes to crisis management, perhaps not only with regard to mental health. Rather, it is also about the crises and challenges facing society as a whole, such as climate change, racism, digitalization, pandemics, and social inequality. From a psychological perspective, what can we look at, explain, and influence in the individual to change things? Are we acting or just not acting enough? What needs to change fundamentally? What can psychology contribute to this?

Dr. Laura Loy, Social, Environmental and Economic Psychology, University of Landau
Felicitas Riedel, Max Weber Institute for Sociology, University of Heidelberg
Paula Zahl, student, activist with Fridays for Future, Heidelberg

Moderation: Andreas Friedrich Lutz

In cooperation with the Psychology Department of the Psychology Institute of Heidelberg University

Foto: Adobe Stock

Admission is free.