Not applicable: Philosophy of migration

  • Donatella Di Cesare
  • Geist Heidelberg, Lecture

In the new age of walls and borders, in a world littered with internment camps for refugees, Donatella Di Cesare argues in her book Philosophy of Migration for a politics of hospitality based on detachment from one’s place of residence. In this way, she outlines a new sense of living together in our globalized world. In the political landscape still dominated by the nation-state, migrants are the unwelcome; they are accused of being out of place. However, there is no territorial right that could justify a policy of generalized rejection. In every migrant there is the figure of the “resident stranger,” the true protagonist of this book.

Donatella Di Cesare teaches and conducts research as Professor of Theoretical Philosophy at La Sapienza University in Rome. She was the last student of Hans-Georg Gadamer and is one of the most committed intellectuals in Italy and Europe.

In the framework of the International Science Festival – Geist Heidelberg


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