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A great many people invest a lot of time, energy and money in video games. In 2021 alone, the industry’s revenue was over $150 billion. While they provide welcome distraction and great enjoyment for many people, therapists warn of addictions, psychologists of negative effects on concentration and stunting of social and physical skills. However, before we can talk about their (psychological, social, economic) effects in this way, we should ask ourselves: what are video games actually?

This raises several questions from a philosophical point of view: are they a strange kind of movie or more like chess on a screen? Are they art? How exactly do virtual game worlds relate to the real world? Do we really act in video games?

Dr. Thomas Arnold, Department of Philosophy, University of Heidelberg

Max Nemmert, programmer, game director and managing director of Squad Loft GmbH, Heidelberg
Dr. Sebastian Ostritsch, Institute for Philosophy, University of Stuttgart

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