Peter King

  • The sense, the nonsense and the absurd
  • Lecture

In the history of philosophy there have been numerous attempts to determine the nature of man. He was thought of as the laughing, the crying, the reasonable, the unhappy, the deficient animal.

For Nietzsche, man was the interpreting animal that seeks meaning in everything, even when there is no such meaning. Man cannot get along without sense and sense-making. That is precisely why he produces so much nonsense: nonsense that promises meaning as well as nonsense that rebels against meaning.

But what if man had the insight into the futility of his search for meaning? Could he live the absurdity of his existence with this insight?

The philosopher Prof. Dr. Peter König works at the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and does research and teaches at the Philosophy Department of the University of Heidelberg.

In the series Praktisch Philosophie!

The event will take place at the DAI and additionally online in a free livestream.
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