Planet III

  • Live radio play by Peter Bösselmann
  • Literature

A live radio play about earthly civilization from the perspective of a scout from outer space. In search of intelligent life, the Mune Uô-Bee comes to our solar system; she discovers a culture of alien rational beings on the third planet. Via a kind of interstellar “radio communication” she reports her observations to the Mune Aï-Laa. The society on Planet III seems to be organized differently from her own culture, where the common good is paramount. Should the mune contact the rational beings of this planet? A live musician accompanies the dialogues with electronic improvisations.

Conceptual artist Peter Bösselmann works at the intersection of music, text, photo/video and performance. His main focus is on topics that use the “resource Heidelberg” as material as well as the connection of text performance with electronic live music. His latest works can be seen at

Planet III from Peter Bösselmann on Vimeo.

Barbara Imgrund – Uô-Bee

Kamaldev Jonathan Singh – Aï-Laa
Peter Bösselmann – Music

In the series Local Monday

Sponsored by the city of Heidelberg

Foto: Peter Bösselmann

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