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Glory is the brilliant transformation of our present. In a language that sings and dances and jumps and screams, NoViolet Bulawayo tells of a community in struggle against repression. And brings both to light: splendor and beauty, horror and pain at the bottom of human freedom.

Jidada – a country populated by humanized animals, ruled by the strongest among them, for more than forty years. Once he brought independence to the African continent, broke the shackles of history, only to promptly put others on them. But now there are increasing signs that his powers are waning. Anyone who hears him speak, who sees the Old Horse blinking in the sun, him and all his rotten apparatus, knows: his days are numbered. Hope is now returning to Jidada: for a just future, for prosperity and change, finally a better life for all of us! But the regime fights back with weapons harder than dreams, sharper than imagination, deadlier than the sheer joy of living, until a homecoming from exile changes everything.

NoViolet Bulawayo, born in Zimbabwe in 1981, moved to the United States when she was 18. In 2011, she won the Caine Prize for African Writing. Her debut novel, We Need New Names (2013), is a worldwide success.

Language: English

Foto: Sarina Chamatova

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