Norbert Scheuer

  • Winter bees
  • Literature

Early 1944: Egidius Arimond, a Latin teacher who had been dismissed from the teaching profession at an early age, is in grave danger: because of his women’s stories, his epilepsy – but above all because of his daring attempts to save Jews in prepared hives in occupied Belgium. At the same time, British and American bombers are circling over the Eifel. Arimond’s situation becomes almost hopeless when he is no longer receiving medication, begins an affair with the wife of the district leader and is finally denounced to the Gestapo.

Different levels are impressively intertwined: that of the solidarity-oriented bee colony and that of the violent Nazi state.

Norbert Scheuer lives in the Eifel. His novel The Language of Birds (2015) was highly praised; for Winter Bees he received the Wilhelm Raabe Literature Prize in 2019.


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