Nonprofit journalism

  • New foothold for press freedom?

“We are creating legal certainty for non-profit journalism,” says the coalition agreement of the new federal government. This creates new opportunities for media diversity in our country. A new pillar of journalism can complement private-sector journalism and public broadcasting.
Traditional newspapers are shrinking, local journalism is thinning out. A new non-profit journalism can fill this gap. With this event we want to give an insight into the world of non-profit journalism and present initiatives working in this field. We will inform about the state of the political innovations and discuss the pros and cons of the new possibilities.

David Schraven, founder of the nonprofit research center Correctiv, chairman of the Forum Nonprofit Journalism.
Anna Hunger, editorial office of Kontext-Wochenzeitung
Nik Volz and Moritz Schneider, Initiative Karla. New Journalism for Constance
Sarah Weik, Initiative bloq, the magazine for regional foresight, Mannheim

Moderation: Herbert W. Rabl, journalist

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In cooperation with
German Journalists’ Union (dju) Rhine-Neckar
German Journalists Association (DJV) Mannheim-Heidelberg
Heinrich Böll Foundation Baden-Württemberg

Admission is free.