Eric Jarosinski

  • No. A Manifesto
  • Literature

“The first sceptic of the Twitter-sphere.” (Nina Pauer, Die Zeit)

No, Twitter is not causing the demise of writing culture. Eric Jarosinski shows that quite the opposite is true. Under the pseudonym, NeinQuarterly, Jarosinski twitters aphorisms, sticking to the 140 character-limit. He has over 100,000 Twitter followers from around the globe.

It was in fact writer’s block which first led Jarosinski to Twitter! What was at first a form of procrastination has since become a purpose in itself. Jarosinski twitters about philosophy, about the abyss of modern existence and against constant self-improvement. His texts have now been published in a book, full of unique, profound or simply humorous messages.

Eric Jarosinski, born in 1971, is a Germanist and author. He has lectured in Philosophy and German, specialising in the literature of the Weimar Republic, at the University of Pennsylvania. He has also published works about Adorno, Marx and Benjamin.

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