Musical Sunday – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Piano Concerto C major KV 503

  • Marcus Imbsweiler & Timo Jouko Herrmann
  • Concert, Literature

The event will only take place in a free audio livestream as a podcast and on YouTube.
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In the last “Musical Sunday” of this year, Marcus Imbsweiler and Timo Jouko Herrmann take a look at Mozart’s Piano Concerto K. 503, with which he concluded his series of great Viennese piano concertos in December 1786. It is probably Mozart’s most symphonic concerto, already pointing ahead to Beethoven with its lushly dimensioned movements, detailed motivic work and magical interplay of tonal colours between light and shade.

Timo Jouko Herrmann is a musicologist, violinist and composer, advises many ensembles and is guest conductor of the Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra. He published a widely acclaimed biography of Antonio Salieri; his rediscovery of the song of joy “Per la ricuperata salute di Ofelia”, composed by Salieri, Mozart and Cornetti, made him known worldwide.

Marcus Imbsweiler is a writer, he publishes novels and short stories, writes about composers from Haydn to Shostakovich. His latest title is “Cabinet of the Graces”. As a musicologist, he has been giving concert introductions for the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra for many years.

We wish you a great 4th Advent and much joy!

Admission is free.