Musical Sunday Halloween Special with live music

  • "Maledetto!" Hypocrisy and assassination in music
  • Marcus Imbsweiler & Timo Jouko Herrmann
  • Concert, Literature

Murder and manslaughter take place not only on the opera stage, but also in real composers’ lives – a poison attack here, a jealousy drama there. Would you have thought that even a pressure cooker can become a deadly weapon? And what is the truth behind the story that Salieri killed Mozart…?

Timo Jouko Herrmann and Marcus Imbsweiler bring out the murderous side of Western classical music in time for Halloween: crimes with and after sheet music!

Timo Jouko Herrmann and Marcus Imbsweiler are two enthusiasts who have their very own linguistic approach to music.
Imbsweiler has previously published novels and stories about composers from Haydn to Shostakovich.
Herrmann is guest conductor of the Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra; his rediscovery of the song of joy Per la ricuperata salute di Ofelia, composed by Salieri, Mozart and Cornetti, made him famous worldwide.

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