Musical Sunday

  • Antonio Vivaldi: The Four Seasons
  • Marcus Imbsweiler & Timo Jouko Herrmann
  • Concert, Literature

The event will only take place in a free audio livestream as a podcast and on YouTube.
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Violin concerts are a dime a dozen, as is narrative music. But both together are rarely offered. Antonio Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” may be considered a prime example, in which the composer succeeds in something like squaring the circle: Combining images and impressions of an entire year with the formal demands of the baroque solo concerto – including birdsong, barking dogs and summer storms.
Timo Jouko Herrmann and Marcus Imbsweiler follow in Vivaldi’s footsteps in the new edition of Musical Sunday.

Timo Jouko Herrmann and Marcus Imbsweiler are two enthusiasts who have their very own linguistic approach to music. Imbsweiler has previously published novels and short stories about composers from Haydn to Shostakovich.

Herrmann is guest conductor of the Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra; his rediscovery of the song of joy “Per la ricuperata salute di Ofelia” composed by Salieri, Mozart and Cornetti made him famous worldwide.

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