Musical Sunday – “From the New World”

  • Antonín Dvořák, Symphony No. 9
  • Marcus Imbsweiler & Timo Jouko Herrmann
  • Concert, Literature

How much America is in Antonín Dvořáks Symphony From the New World? The second edition of the musical Sunday, with composer Timo Jouko Herrmann and author Marcus Imbsweiler, revolves around this question, which has been the focus of attention for generations of musicologists.

The starting point of their conversation will be Imbsweiler’s new story Der Herr Dworschak, which characterizes the Czech composer as a wide awake chronicler of his time. Is Dvořáks Symphony possibly an advance into the dark centre of the American dream, an artistic reflex to social conflicts and pervasive racism?

Timo Jouko Herrmann and Marcus Imbsweiler are two enthusiasts who have their own unique linguistic approach to music; Imbsweiler has published novels and short stories about composers from Haydn to Shostakovich.

A cup of coffee complements the musical enjoyment.

As part of the 6th Literaturherbst Heidelberg.


Please understand that due to the current distance rules we can only offer a limited number of seats, which may be filled very quickly. The event will only take place at the DAI on site & will be published as a podcast afterwards.

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