Musical Sunday

  • Joseph Haydn: The Creation
  • Timo Jouko Herrmann & Marcus Imbsweiler
  • Concert, Literature

Joseph Haydn achieved spectacular success with his oratorio The Creation. The 66-year-old had not only succeeded in combining the oratorical tradition of Handel with the musical language of the classical period. He also integrated tone painting, from the oppressive vision of initial chaos to the vibrancy of nature. In addition, Haydn and his librettist van Swieten pursued a sociopolitical program: Their “Creation” is a forceful appeal to return to the values of the Enlightenment. It is not without reason that the metaphor of light is prominently at the center of the composition. That their appeal went largely unheard is part of the tragedy of this work of the century.

Two enthusiasts of music have their say here: Marcus Imbsweiler publishes novels and short stories; Timo Jouko Herrmann is a composer and guest conductor of the Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra.

Foto: Sarina Chamatova

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