Moving into Mindfulness

  • A half-day workshop exploring mindfulness through yoga practice
  • Josh Gale
  • Workshop

Mindfulness Yoga applies skills from the mindfulness tradition to the practice of asana, the physical forms and movements of yoga. The aim is to connect deeply to the present moment, our breath and bodies, and to open our hearts. The result is a more grounded, joyful, and responsive way of life.

During this half day workshop, we will explore different aspects of mindfulness and how they relate to yoga practice. We’ll also try three short mindfulness meditations, and experience walking meditation and the joy of mindful tea drinking. You’ll leave feeling deeply relaxed and open to your life.



14:30               Greeting, tea, introduction

15:00               First meditation: body scan

15:15               Yoga practice

16:45               Second meditation: breathing anchor

17:00               Mindful tea drinking

17:30               Mindful walking practice

17:45               Last meditation: compassion

18:00               Tea, discussion

18:30               End


About the teacher:

Josh Gale is from Auckland, New Zealand and has been practicing yoga since 2002. He was a brahmacari (monk) for three years, travelling to India twice and serving in temples and ashrams in the UK and New Zealand. In 2006, Josh completed his first yoga teacher’s training course, and 10 years later he completed another course, this time focused on a Buddhist mindfulness approach to yoga. He is currently training as a mindfulness teacher.


Please bring your own yoga mat. Registration is required, please send an email to by Friday, July 21st.

Costs: 30 Euro, 25 Euro for DAI-members

Language: English