Michael Lüders

  • The track of the jackals
  • Literature

If you want to know who rules the world, all you have to do is follow the money trail… In the secret service chief’s garden in Oslo, the CEO of the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund is found dead. Shortly thereafter, the head of a Norwegian data center is also murdered. Signs are mounting that someone is targeting the country’s wealth and data treasure. What strings are pulled by the American investment fund “BlackHawk”, and what does the Californian data octopus “Elendilmir” have to do with the crimes? – A gripping and shockingly realistic thriller.

Michael Lüders was the Middle East correspondent of DIE ZEIT for many years. In particular, he illuminates the tension between the West and the Arab-Islamic world and researches the causes of Islamist violence. He is a regular guest on radio and television.
The Trail of the Jackals is his second novel.


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