Michael Göring

  • Hotel Dellbrück
  • Literature

December 1938: Sigmund, 15 years old, Jew, orphan, sits in the train to England: child transport. He survives the war and the Holocaust, studies and becomes a teacher. In 1949 he returned to post-war Germany – it was difficult to settle down. Also son Frido searches for home and bond. The anchor point remains the Hotel Dellbrück, where Sigmund grew up.

Unexpectedly strong, the adult Frido feels the powers of the place that shaped him and his father so much. How much does the fate of the father, who does not find peace between feelings of guilt and hatred, influence the son? Frido experiences how important it is to be courageous at the right moment and to open up to the unknown.

Michael Göring heads the ZEIT Foundation and teaches at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Hamburg. In 2011 his first novel Der Seiltänzer was published.

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