Michael Ebmeyer

  • Nonbinary is the salvation
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There is more than just black and white or man and woman. The gender debate brought the nonbinary onto the social agenda. This unleashed an emancipation movement that, in addition to many controversies, also gives hope for a social upheaval. Michael Ebmeyer takes the gender debate as a starting point from which he fundamentally questions the binary schema as a principle of order. Thinking in oppositions helps to grasp the world. The catch is that it fosters hierarchies: between men and women, superiors and subordinates, governed and governed. “If there is a salvation, it is nonbinary,” Ebmeyer says.

Michael Ebmeyer, born in 1973, is a writer and translator. His novel Der Neuling (2009) is the template for the film comedy Ausgerechnet Sibirien (2012), for which he also co-wrote the screenplay. In addition, Ebmeyer has co-authored several books by politicians, such as Heiko Maas, the former German foreign minister.
Nonbinary is Salvation is Ebmeyer’s committed plea for overcoming authoritarian habits in society and politics – and at the same time, in his own words, “a plea for subversive thinking.” The book has just been published by Carl-Auer Verlag in Heidelberg.

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