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  • Ende des Vogelgesangs
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In his latest book of prose, “Ende des Vogelgesangs. Eine Kindheit” (Morio Verlag), Michael Buselmeier brings together memories and unknowns from a difficult childhood spent in Heidelberg during the wartime and post-war period. Loneliness, violence, death and sexual abuse exist side by side with solace in nature, puppet theatres and unforgettable life experiences. Buselmeier delves into the past and sheds light on his earliest memories. Fiction also plays a role.

Michael Buselmeier was born in Berlin in 1938 but grew up in Heidelberg, where he still lives today. His most recent works include “Wunsiedel. Theaterroman” (2011) and “Dante deutsch. Gedichte” (2012).

Language: German

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