Michael Braun & Michael Buselmeier

  • The yellow acrobat 3
  • Literature

It is a high art to say enlightening things about a poet and his work in a few words – specifically and comprehensively at the same time. Michael Braun and Michael Buselmeier master this “conversation with contemporary poetry” with virtuosity.

The first two volumes of the anthology of contemporary poetry were a great success – the third yellow acrobat (in which the poet Jan Wagner took part) now sets a targeted final point. In the preface, the two editors speak of their “romantic utopia that all we once knew and loved, including the animals and especially the dead, come together again in the light of the kitchen lamp”.

Michael Braun, an outstanding expert on contemporary German poetry, and the Heidelberg poet Michael Buselmeier present what poetry can achieve in such a profound and understandable way – even today.

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