Freedom of Expression vs. Religious Freedom

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In view of the murder of journalists and cartoonists working for the satirical paper, Charlie Hebdo, this podium discussion will address the current passionate ethical debate in which freedom of expression is posited against religious freedom. These two values, which are central to our modern society, are now subject to enormous pressure.

During the discussion, the possibility of defending freedom; freedom of lifestyle, freedom of expression, freedom of the press and religion, the rule of law and democracy, will be debated.

A number of speakers adopting different positions in regard to religion and to freedom of expression will be seated on the panel. Legal aspects will be discussed and light will be shed on the issue of opinionated artists, authors and representatives from the fields of economics, religion and civil society.


Tim Wolff (Satiremagazin Titanic)
Dr. Necla Kelek
Prof. Paul Scheffer
Prof. Dr. Josef Schuster
Prof. Dr. Masing

Prof. Ulrike Ackermann


Organiser: John Stuart Mill Institut in cooperation with the DAI.

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