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Our time, it seems, is increasingly coming apart at the seams, and Hamlet’s famous phrase “The world is out of joint” also reflects our sentiment. In recent years, we have experienced crises of global proportions at relatively short intervals: populism and pandemics, war and inflation, perhaps most notably climate change. How can we build or maintain stability in times of crisis? Who and what helps us when we are out of balance? What can we do ourselves to be crisis-proof – and to make our contribution to crisis management?

One thing is certain: people who have a distinct sense of meaning are mentally and physically healthier and better prepared for crises than people without such an experience. The conference will present various approaches to exploring and strengthening sense experience in theory and practice.

The annual conference gathers philosophers, religious scholars, psychologists, artists, authors and presents case studies to discuss fundamental questions of meaning. Central concepts are: development, discipline, stability, creativity, community and consolation.

With Daniel Schreiber, Bernhard Moestl and others.

The other speakers at the conference had not yet been determined at the time of going to press.

Foto: Didier / Pixabay

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