Martin Stratmann

  • Politics from the laboratory
  • Does it need opposition through science?
  • Geist Heidelberg, In dialogue

Energy system transformation, climate change, genetic engineering and the corona crisis – public debates have long been unthinkable without references to science and research. The politicization of science presents it with new challenges. References to science communication alone often forget the political dimension of scientific knowledge.

Have ideas replaced ideology? Or is it returning, in lab coats, as a smart spin doctor? How does it deal with its politicization? How does it deal with the pressure of polemicization? Does science itself become a political activist for enlightenment, facts and democracy?

Prof. Martin Stratmann, electrochemist, materials scientist and President of the Max Planck Society in conversation with Joachim Müller-Jung (FAZ).

As part of the International Science Festival – Geist Heidelberg