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  • "Do we need heretics?" - Voices against power
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Is history repeating itself? Are we listening carefully enough to the signals? In light of current events and increasing doubts about democracy, as well as against the backdrop of Putin’s war of aggression, Marko Martin reads the warning voices of secular Jewish authors such as Friedrich Torberg, Hermann Broch, Ludwig Marcuse, Hilde Spiel and Hans Habe in a new way. Just as they warned against underestimating Hitler in 1938 and against Soviet expansionism after 1945, they have much to say to us again today. His book Brauchen wir Ketzer (2023) is a sequel to the book of essays Dissidentisches Denken (2019).

Marko Martin, born in 1970, left the GDR in May 1989 as a conscientious objector and now lives in Berlin as a freelance writer when he is not traveling. His numerous publications include literary diaries on Tel Aviv, Havana and Hong Kong. He received support from Rudolf Sühnel, former Professor of English Philology at the University of Heidelberg.

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