Manuka Wijesinghe

  • A man of the middle way
  • Literature

Manuka Wijesinghe illuminates the history and soul of her home country Sri Lanka – with humour, temperament and a dose of sarcasm.

A village schoolteacher is a staunch supporter of Theravada Buddhism and a firm believer in the sanity of British colonial power. His rationalism and unshakable faith are challenged by astrology, numerology and human desire…

Wijesinghe grew up in Colombo. Her mother tongue is Sinhala, but she writes her literary works in English. After a first career as a dancer and actress in Colombo, she studied drama in the USA. So far she has published one-act plays for the stage, poems and short prose as well as three novels. She also runs a practice for traditional healing methods. She lives in Mainz.

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