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What has happened in the USA that capitalism is being increasingly vehemently questioned there? How is it that the call for a society without police and prisons is getting louder, that visionary ideas like the Green New Deal are getting closer? And why are young Americans joining democratic socialism en masse?
An ideological deadlock has broken in the United States over the past decade. A generation has grown that has different demands on politics, that pursues more direct forms of democracy. And they do so inside, but above all outside, parliaments.

Journalist and author Lukas Hermsmeier traces the movements from Occupy to Black Lives Matter to climate resistance, thus exploring the rebirth of the American left and showing what we can learn from its ideas, alliances and strategies. Hermsmeier, born in Berlin in 1988, has lived in New York since 2014. He writes about American politics and culture for Zeit Online, Tagesspiegel, and taz, among others. He also comments on German politics for the New York Times and The Nation.

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