Love without suffering?

  • 55 simple exercises for the heart muscle
  • Gregor Eisenhauer

To combine philosophy and life means to ask questions and to know that, depending on the perspective and motivation, there can be several correct, perhaps even contradictory approaches. With their essays and reflections, the authors try to give impulses, to open windows and to clean mirrors.
With Love without Suffering – 55 Simple Exercises for the Heart Muscle by Gregor Eisenhauer, Mitteldeutscher Verlag launches its new Edition Leben Philosophie.
Eisenhauer’s philosophical guidebook of a different kind offers the readership a small, humorous rulebook of attraction and reports with a lot of humor and great powers of observation about love in today’s world.

Author Dr. Gregor Eisenhauer, Florian Russi, editor of philosophy for on the way as well as Roman Pliske, publishing director of the central German publishing house.

Dr. Monika Obermeier, Philosophy Seminar

In the series Praktisch Philosophie!

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