Lisz Hirn

  • The overrated human being
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What do smartphones and artificial intelligence like ChatGPT do to us as humans? What is a human being anyway? Lisz Hirn devotes himself to none other than this fundamental question of philosophy. The question of what distinguishes humans from animals has occupied thinkers from Plato to Nietzsche and Foucault. If we no longer want to eat animals, what does this mean for the human self-image? The climate crisis and pandemic have shaken the concept of the ‘superhuman’. Is artificial intelligence now finally stealing the show? Lisz Hirn outlines a new approach: an anthropology of vulnerability – for the metahuman between smartphone and ChatGPT.

Dr. Lisz Hirn, born in 1984, studied philosophy and singing in Graz, Paris, Vienna and Kathmandu. She works as a publicist and philosopher in youth and adult education, including at the University of Vienna.

In the series Philosophy

Foto: Inge Prader

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