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  • The death of the executioner
  • Literature

Prague, May 1942: On a sunny morning, a hand grenade detonates next to Reinhard Heydrich’s limousine. When the “Executioner of Prague” succumbs to his injuries eight days later, the Nazi regime is already planning bloody revenge against the Czech population. Gestapo Commissar Pannwitz is entrusted with the investigation of the attack – an ambivalent figure: on the one hand he is a stooge of the Nazi system, at the same time he struggles to find the real perpetrators in order to save thousands of innocent people from the Nazis’ barbaric reprisals.
The case takes him to the limits of his own humanity.

Laura Noll, born in Heidelberg in 1980, studied classical philology, ancient history and theology in Heidelberg and Siena. She lives with her family in Sinsheim. Her passion for contemporary history is the inspiration for her short stories. Death of the Executioner is her first novel. It was awarded the working scholarship of the Mörderische Schwestern e.V..

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