Lars Jaeger

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Scientific knowledge and the resulting technological progress have fundamentally changed our world over the past five centuries, since the Middle Ages. This knowledge has made Europe the centre of the world – and the undisputed economic and military world power.
But how did these developments come about – what makes the enormous success of science and the constant gain in knowledge possible?
The changes begin in a new way of thinking, a new awareness of the nature of the world and of life, the emergence of specific intellectual virtues.

By appreciating this success story of thinking, we gain a deep insight into what is essential to us today and what is especially worth protecting in times of fake news.

Dr. Lars Jaeger, born in 1969, studied physics, mathematics and philosophy. He is active in the financial sector as an entrepreneur and as an author. In addition, he deals with questions about the history of science, its influence on modern society and its relationship to spiritual traditions.


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