Kurt Steinmann

  • Lateral thinkers, taboo-breakers and rebels
  • All for freedom of speech!
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Diogenes is the ancestor of the hippies, the Greens, the ecologists, the refusers of consumption, the drop-outs, the refugees from the church and the disenchanted with the state. When asked what is the most beautiful thing among people, he answered: “freedom of speech” – “parrhesia” is written in the Greek text, “the license to say everything”. In modern terminology one would speak of “freedom of opinion” or the “right to freedom of expression”: Values that must be defended at all times and especially today!
Diogenes is a provocative philosopher. He delights, disturbs and disturbs us even today. What better can philosophy do?

Kurt Steinmann has translated authors from Greek and Roman antiquity and the Renaissance for decades, including Sophocles, Erasmus of Rotterdam and Homer (Odyssey, 2007; Iliad, 2017). For his achievements Steinmann was awarded the Johann Heinrich Voss Prize for Translation in 2019.

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