Know about the living?

  • Between commodity character and spatial theory
  • Christopher Dell
  • Lecture

The dispute over housing is a political experiment in a play of forces in a society that for far too long has lulled itself into the certainty that the market will regulate the housing economy. Moreover, it is not only about distributive justice.
It is also about the extent to which housing should take the form of a commodity – and, more importantly, about the question of what can be defined as housing.
Against this backdrop, Christopher Dell asks what we know about housing and contextualizes this line of questioning in the contemporary discourse of spatial theory.

The designer, composer, urbanization and architectural theorist, Dr. Christopher Dell, has been a professor at the Hafen City University in Hamburg and the Technical University in Munich, among others. He authored books such as Ware:Wohnen! (2013) and The Improvisation of Space (2019).

In the series Werde Mensch?

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