Jürgen Kaube

  • Is school too stupid for our kids?
  • Lecture

The school as it is now is a misconstruction. It often only teaches children what they neither need nor understand – and reliably forgets almost completely. Worse still, the school reacts far too strongly to ever new demands from outside. The digitalization of the classroom is just as nonsense as the spelling reform or the language laboratory.

According to Jürgen Kaube, a reduction to the essentials is necessary: Children should learn to think, that’s what school is all about, and that’s all it is about. Today, it teaches them above all what can be easily queried – the exact opposite of learning to think, the power of judgement and understanding of the world. From this, Kaube derives demands that are as clear as they are uncomfortable, and that free our children’s education from nonsensical constraints. A plea for a school that really makes smart.

Kaube is editor of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and himself the father of two daughters.

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